Restoration of Melville White Church


The Melville White Church is located approx. 3 kms south of Belfountain, on Mississauga Road.


We are asking the public for pictures of the Melville White Church. Anyone with photos of the exterior prior to 1936, or the interior prior to 1970 It would be appreciated if you would contact us.!

The Melville (White) Church located just south of Belfountain and constructed in 1837, is a one of the last remaining Ontario timber frame churches predating the Victorian era. Its history began in 1820 and continued until the dissolution of the congregation in 1964.

Having served the community for 133 years, with declining membership, the congregation was disbanded and the doors closed in 1964. From 1964 to 1980 annual anniversary services were held . It remained vacant until 1995. At this time a demolition permit was requested.

Denis Heroux, a professional member of the Advisory Board of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontarioconsiders the Melville (White) church” a valuable cultural resource.” He says, “It is eminently worthy of restoration…to ensure that Ontario’s dwindling stock of heritage buildings is preserved.”

Although much of the building is in remarkable good condition, without the present on-going restoration, this landmark would have disappeared.

Under an agreement with the Town of Caledon the Belfountain Heritage Society is restoring the building to its original simple beauty. The Society will then rent it for weddings, recitals, heritage displays, readings, are exhibits and other community functions to ensure that it is self-sustaining.

Studies by heritage architects and structural engineers had indicated approximately $150,000 would be required to restore the building.


The Belfountain Heritage Society has embarked on a fund raising campaign to restore this beautiful heritage structure.

The Belfountain Heritage Society is pleased that the Town of Caledon has acquired the site and the Caledon Heritage Committee is assisting with the restoration.

The Town of Caledon maintains an impressive heritage building inventory, and has official plan policies in favour of heritage conservation. The Town of Caledon is developing a tourism strategy featuring Caledon’s heritage buildings, rural countryside and an unspoiled natural environment, as destinations for the day trip market from population centres to the south.


• living monument to the pioneers of Caledon
• architecturally unique heritage building
• picturesque and pleasing asset to the community
• will promote a sense of community through volunteer participation
• will promote a sense of belonging, renewal, memory and identity
• will serve a role within the economic strategy of the Town of Caledon
• a self-sustaining viable operation

For further information on how you can use this heritage building, contact:
Sarah Bohan
Belfountain, Ontario
(519) 316-0060