The Melville White Church
A Celebration in Art

by Belfountain Heritage Society, 
foreword by Nicola Ross

In 1837, Scottish settlers cleared a patch of dense forest with axes and handsaws to build the Melville White Church on what was to become Mississauga Road, south of Belfountain. The hardy Rockside pioneers worshipped there, held socials, baptisms, weddings and buried their dead in the one-acre cemetery. The church, so rich in local history, closed in 1969 and the building fell into decades of disrepair. Now, thanks to the diligent fundraising and hard work of the Belfountain Heritage Society, the building has been restored to its former glory. To commemorate the landmark’s 175th anniversary, the BHS commissioned Belfountain’s Nicola Ross to write the foreword, and asked local artists to contribute works inspired by the church and its history. The result is a charming softcover book that features an array of photographs, paintings, fabric art and sculpture, all inspired by one of the oldest timber-frame churches still standing in Ontario. (Rockside Publishing, $30)